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I always thought I would be one of those Mom's with a baby strapped... cocooned.... nestled.... on me post birth.  I just love the thought of being so up close with baby early on rather than plopping baby in a stroller.  Well my dreams of baby wearing have been slightly adjusted post twins news.  At first I thought I could possibly go the route of wearing both babies, I mean I am already lugging around an additional 20+ pounds at this point and managing just fine so two babies should be a breeze right?  I thought about this for a bit though and I am thinking that two might be too much for me.  They aren't going to stay 10 pounds each forever!

So now I am thinking that getting two baby carriers is the way to go.  That way when Andrew isn't at work we can each carry one and when a willing family member, friend is around during the week they could carry the second baby (assuming I am not a crazy, paranoid... I just don't trust you wearing my baby... type of mother.... let's hope not).

Of course we will still be purchasing a twin stroller... we have it all picked out and everything.  I just want options okay?

So the contender's so far are...

So with this one we would need to purchase an infant insert for when they are newborns.  This one is a bit bulky looking but also looks quite comfortable and can be worn in front or on your back.

The Moby Wrap via
The Moby Wrap can apparently accommodate twins early on.  I'm not sure about all of that fabric wrapped up around me but the baby looks quite happy.

Organic Hug-a-bub Wrap via
The Hug-a-bub is another wrap around the body type fabric wrap.  Personally I am loving how the fabric over the tush is a different pattern... very cute!

These are the contenders so far but please... if you have any experience with any of these or with baby wearing in general... please do share.


  1. Just putting it out there that yes wearing baby is great but after a short time your back starts to hurt because they do grow!! You can totally wear if you want w/two babies but just be wear it does start to get to you after awhile. Good luck!

  2. i wear my daughter all the time! i love love loved the moby wrap when she was younger, and i felt that it was so secure and comfy (even with all that wrapping) and i would just go about my daily business with her strapped on. as she got older, we tried different holds. now that she's almost a year, i really like the BabyHawk baby carrier. it does involve some tying and wrapping (not as extensive as the moby) but i find it to be very well balanced and not as bulky as those carriers with snaps and buckles. once you start baby wearing, you'll be hooked!

  3. i was sad when i realized that I won't be able to wear my babies all the time too. Guess those are the breaks with twins.

  4. It is so great to have the baby close AND have your hands free. I love seeing those baby pictures...exciting time.

  5. I also love the baby wearing! I'm planning on getting one of the Ergo carries, a close friend had one and had only awesome stuff to say about them!

  6. We just registered for two Ergo's! I have heard great reviews from friends :) I was debating on a wrap, because you can use some with twins, but they hold them both for long. My sis-in-law loves the Moby with my nephew too!

  7. Hi Ashley! Britt from Milkface recommended the Sleepy wrap for when they are tiny (similar to the Moby but stretchy, which I like) and the Ergo for later on. I have heard a lot of people say they don't like the infant insert in the ergo, and that the sleepy wraps/moby wraps are great for when they are really small...much more snuggly.

  8. ps you can make your own moby, get 6 meters (long) and a meter thick of jersey material from your local fabric store and you're good to go!

  9. My best friend has the Ergo and loves it; I've ordered one. It's easy to get on and off even on your own (especially when bub is little and you're wearing her on the front - although takes practise when you start using it on your back). As bub grows bigger you can wear it in different positions - like on the back.

    She also had 2 different wrap types and hardly ever used them. They were more awkward to get on, and although comfy once they were on didn't have a pocket for keys/wallet and one of them has so much extra fabric she would often get caught up on things. She only ever used the wrap ones around the house because they were more difficult to use, and in the end just uses them as blankets and even cut one up for re-useable wipes.

  10. I agree the the wraps are better at the beginning and the structured carries are better later on - I still carry Jack in our Boba (kind of like the Ergo / Beco) now.
    You can try out all the different ones at various stores in Ottawa (milkface or belly laughs) and even borrow them for a full day. I would suggest waiting til you can try them out with your babes (I know - so hard to wait!!!), but that way you really get a sense of how easy/difficult it is to put them in and take them out. I tried out a few before I found one I liked.
    Also since I had a c-section I couldn't carry him til 6 weeks - which saved me from buying a wrap-style carrier. I just went straight to the structured carrier which was great for hikes and long walks.
    I also have a hotsling which was perfect for quick trips while carrying him on my hip when I needed 2 hands (starbucks!)

  11. Kelly - great advice about Milkface. We went yesterday to check them out and they spent a good long time with us fitting us both in wraps we like. I am looking at the hug-a-bub which has a pocket in the front and is stretchy and Andrew liked one of the Beco, more structured supports.

    Tasivfer - good point about the lack of storage - the one I am now thinking I will get does have a pocket in the front for keys etc.

    Kat Langdon - good advice about the c-section since there is a good shot (although I hope not) that we will have to have one. I will fit the Beco one too so when I am by myself I will have two options.


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