twin nursery... the cribs are in

Saturday morning we went for a cross border drive, with starbucks in hand, in my parent's full sized van (definitely towers over our mazda 5) .... with a purpose of course.... to pick up our two cribs for the twins.  I am always so surprised at the obvious differences when we cross the border.  I always seem to comment on how it really feels like we are in a different country... enter Andrew's sarcastic reminder that we are indeed in another country.  The trip took about 2 hours round trip.  

After a quick detour to Dairy Queen (I can't help it.... it is just soooo good right now) we were home, Andrew had them unloaded and we prepared to dismantle our guest room number two.  Taking that stuff out felt great... having two guest rooms when you are trying to get pregnant is torturous... double the reminder that you are not pregnant on a daily basis.

The before....

The slightly neurotic part of me has to mention that the dresser in the pictures was never meant to be a permanent fixture in its current state.  The dresser was always for the future nursery.... we have big plans for it!

Next up was the assembling of the cribs (they came from Walmart so clearly assembly is not included)

The assembly....

There were numerous reminders to strictly follow the directions... this was a very simple assembly... especially for me since I largely sat there and watched.... and took photos, someone had to document this memorable milestone! 
Heidi was very curious as to what was happening to this room...
First crib.... done!
Second crib... almost done
Now came the fun part... trying to decide how these two cribs would be placed in the twin nursery.  

This offers the most space around, but I just can't take that they aren't symmetrical 
I feel like this looks like we just pushed them aside temporarily so I'm not loving it
This has potential .... if we didn't plan on keeping the dresser in the room and if we weren't getting a glider.
I don't know about this.  The verdict is still out.
This is how they are.... right now.... we'll see if they stay here.  I like how the future yet to be purchased chandelier would hang above these... and that once they started sleeping in two cribs they would still be nice and close to each other.

We are loving the finished products.  They seem really solid and we love that they are nice and low to the ground.  Andrew has a history of vaulting himself out of his crib.... and I was a gymnast.... so at least the low proximity to the floor means a lower dismount!

Having the cribs set up at 20ish weeks pregnant might seem early, but lately I have been plagued with panic that I could end up on bed rest at any time, as so many other twin moms seem to be, so it feels great to get them up and ready.  It also makes things feel even more real.  There will be two baby girls in those cribs!!!  

We can't wait!
Heidi on the other hand has mixed feelings about the cribs.... don't you love her new hair do!


  1. Wow, so exciting. I like the last arrangement too. Would be cute to have big initials of their names, above each crib. You know, like, an "S" for Susan :)

  2. I rather like the either side of the window but the current version is very nice as well :)

  3. Susan - lol, yes the initial is a cute idea!

    Andrea - yes I like that version too, I'm just not sure how the glider and dresser would look and where we would put them.

  4. love the cribs! putting them away from the window is a good plan... since it doesn't take long for them to start grabbing and pulling (at the curtains and the blinds).

  5. congrats on your twins :)
    I like them both in front of the window -

  6. I love the cribs. Isn't is a great feeling to know that you actually have a nursery in your house. I did mine side be side. We didn't have a big room and were able to fit a glider in too. We just used the top of the dresser as the changing table and opted to not get a separate one. It wouldn't have fit. Check out our nursery on the blog. It was a big hassle to figure it out too. I almost went with cribs by the windows, but thought that may be drafty too. Good job getting things done early. I am glad I did because of bed rest, but also, you will get to a point where walking is a chore. The bigger you get, the harder it is.

  7. I like them on either side of the window also. We started clearing out our guest bedroom this weekend too, but we didn't get nearly as far as you did! It looks great and I can't wait to see it come together for you!

  8. Kat Langdon - good point about the whole reaching for blinds issue if we put them right by the window, definitely something to consider.

    Adam and Julia - We also plan on using the top of the dresser as the changing table. We will put a closet organizer in the closet to maximize space for clothing and then hopefully have the dresser for diapers and everything else. I will check out your nursery as well!

  9. So cute, I love them!!
    And I am with you on Dairy Queen!!!!

  10. Very cute! I also like the last arrangement you came up with. Oh and poor Heidi and her new haircut had me cracking up, poor girl doesn't realize how drastically her life is about to change!

  11. They look great!! I think I like them on either side of the window / room (the third option). I like the last one too if that gives more room for other stuff in the room.

  12. Oh sooo exciting!!! I love them both against the wall, the second option I believe :) Where did you get your cribs? Very cute!

  13. How exciting!! I like the last one best, I think! Looking very nice so far! Yayy!

  14. MyInfertileConfessions - They are by BabyMod and they are from the Olivia Collection. We ordered them off of and they will ship them to any Walmart store in the US (so we just did a quick cross border trip to pick them up).

  15. oh Heidi, don't look so glum, honey. You'll really love the girls. I'm sure of that.
    That's one beautiful nursery so far. Can't wait to see it with babies in it :-)

  16. I like the last two...the babies will want to be close to one another :)
    ps- Heidi looks like a reverse skunk. I love her.

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  18. Did you have any problems crossing the border with these cribs? I really want to buy one but I'm worried they won't let me bring it back into Canada.

  19. Wow so sweet!Perfect for boy/girl twins!twin nursery


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