the wedge

Wedges and I have had a rocky past but I may be willing to give them another try now that I set my eyes on these...

Marine Depths Wedges via Anthropologie 
These also have the potential to be far more pregnancy friendly than my usual heels and significantly more stylish than my go to flats.... especially since my balance seems to be wavering these days.

via Anthropologie
Wedges... love them or hate them?


  1. I love wedges, and am depending on them with this twin belly on the way!

  2. I love love love wedges!!! My wedding shoes were elegant wedges and they were so comfy that I didn't need to switch to smaller heels.

  3. Oh I love wedges! They are totally my favourite type of summer shoe!!

  4. Rosachka - great idea for a wedding. I did the way too high heels for the ceremony + photos and then flats for the reception. My feet were a mess for weeks!

  5. Wedges are so much more comfortable than regular high heels. Love them!

  6. Rachael Lynn - TOMS wedges!!! I almost forgot about those! I was in my regular TOMS all day and I love them!


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