definitely without a doubt girls

Okay, big sigh of relief... the universe did not pull a fast one on me and we received 100% confirmation that our twins are indeed girls.  They were both hanging out, bum down, facing each other... which we thought was quite adorable.  I go back again for another ultrasound in two weeks... oh the joys of having a twin pregnancy.... so, so much monitoring!

I am officially twenty weeks pregnant and I look it too.  I feel like these 20 weeks have flown by!  I am definitely more than half way there since twins reach full gestation at around the 37 week mark instead of the usual 40.  I feel like things are moving along.  We've made a few big purchases and I am so excited to start getting their room together. 

We've also accumulated several adorable clothing items since Friday... when I couldn't take it any longer and called Andrew in the afternoon asking him to please meet me at a local mall.  We've also received some very cute outfits as gifts. 

I am not sure if I mentioned previously but we will not be cloning our babies.... meaning that they will not be dressed in the same thing.  They may come out looking like a mirror image of one another, but they will at least have their own fashion sense!  I am still trying to figure out a way to delicately get that message across to those might get the urge to buy matching pink frilly outfits for our girls.

So now that we are 100% certain that we are having baby girls we can work on choosing their names.... Andrew has come up with an absurd plan to keep such names a secret until they are born... I just don't know whether I have that sort of keeping my mouth shut... secret keeping power at this time...

If you have children did you keep their name(s) a secret until they were born?  I've you're pregnant are keeping quiet too?  Please do share...

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  1. We've shared our top runners with friends and family, and once we finally decide we'll make it public. I don't feel the need to keep it a secret. What are your plans?

  2. I can't keep a secret for anything. I let people know as soon as we decided. We had her name picked out long before his. He is a jr. so my husband had to decide if he really wanted that or not. I did realize that family have lots of opinions on names too. I suggest you wait to tell anyone until you are finalized. otherwise, someone may shoot down your favorite name and hurt your feelings. or at least that is what happened to me.

  3. Girls will be so much fun! I look forward to knowing what you and your husband have decided to name these two beauties, and will be very content to wait until after they are born (and even if you don't share on your blog, I will live). I'm not sure I will want to tell others what we are thinking. Some good friends of mine in Ottawa decided to keep it a secret for both of their kids and I like that approach. It's a nice surprise.

  4. i had my daughter's name before i found my hubby and even had great grandmother's name.

  5. Oh, congratulations!! How exciting for the two of you!! Let the shopping begin!

    Happy for you. :)

  6. YAYY!! Hm, I don't know about keeping the names secret! That would be neat, but hard! :-)

  7. Congrats on the confirmation of girlies!

    I've heard so people have told people and then people started weighing in with their opinions good AND bad. If you don't want people trying to change your mind I would keep it a secret.

  8. We are going even further...we are going to find out the sex but tell no one! (Well, that's the plan, I am sure one of us will crack!)

  9. I think it's cool to keep the names secret. Especially as you know the sex already. Also it keeps your options open if you change you mind over the next few months. One thing though - when you have two girl names how will you decide which twin gets which name?

  10. Stephanie - well right now our plan is to keep it a secret.... I just don't know if I can!

    Adam and Julia - that would be awful to fall in love with a name and then have someone tear it apart! Thanks for the warning!

    DesignWali - Wow! That would make things easier as long as your Husband went along with your wishes!

    Rachael Lynn - I would never be able to keep that secret!!

    PhotoPuddle - Good question, not sure exactly, I am assuming we would just have that a-ha! moment and just know...

  11. We're keeping our names a secret because I don't feel like hearing opinions on it right now (I'm so bah-humbug right now, I know).

  12. How exciting for you! Congratulations!


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