how to get on your cat's bad side

Take her to get shaved.... she'll really love you then!  Our poor long haired cat Heidi lives a life riddled with knots in her fur.  I have spent days in the past pulling them all out manually but she just gets so angry so this time around we decided to take a more drastic approach.... and booked her at what I like to refer as the kitty spa.

I think she would have to disagree at my use of the word spa... but either way the knots are gone and she seems happier now.... she was less than pleased yesterday.

I am off to the real spa today with my Mom for a manicure and pedicure.  I am thrilled at the prospect of someone working with my feet as they are getting harder and harder to reach day by day!

Be Purr-fect by JMcGuinness via etsy


  1. lol, I hope they at least gave her a massage!!

    Have a great day at the spa with your mom!!!

  2. Our cat is very much like your cat -- they look like sisters. We get her neck shaved since otherwise it knots and she scratches at it (and sometimes ends up slicing herself).

    Enjoy the human spa!

  3. We had to shave our cat last summer after an unfortunate skunk encounter which lead to many baths which lead to our poor cat becoming one big dreadlock. She wasn't too happy at first, but she did seem more comfortable after all the knots were gone. I hope Heidi is feeling more comfortable without her dread locks.


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