it's raining and i love it

I woke up to rain this morning and decided it would be a couch + fireplace + book day.  I love reading while it's raining.  I love the smell of rain and I absolutely love sleeping when it's raining, especially if the sleeping is taking place in a cabin or tent... of the waterproof variety of course.

Yesterday we had our first multiple birth prenatal class.  Although there were no great revelations from the course material, it was nice to be around other twin parents-to-be, especially in the belly size department.  It was interesting to see how all of the fraternal twin moms seemed to be carrying wide where as I seem to be carrying out front.  We also watched three birth videos which did not resemble horror movies and totally seemed doable.  I am still freaked out by all of the potential medical intervention that takes place during most twin births but I am slowly warming up to the idea.

Oh and did I mention we went shopping over the weekend?  Baby girl clothing shopping has officially commenced (I know, I know.. I should probably have waited until Wednesday but I couldn't help myself).  I will share some of it in the near future!

Happy rainy Monday!

A Walk in the Rain by alicewphotography via etsy


  1. I LOVE rain too! People think I am crazy, but it seems so cozy. Nothing is better than tea or hot chocolate in your pj's on the couch listening to the rain!
    Yay for shopping!!!!


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