do you have a cleaning lady?

Good morning!  Today is a fabulous day because I am going for a massage and our water ban is temporarily lifted on Thursdays .... starting today.... so the plants can finally get a good soaking.

We are debating a cleaning lady.  Strongly considering.  Thinking it might be essential.

Funny enough I had this vision that after I give birth I will be able to return to my former self who actually enjoys cleaning and doesn't feel guiltly about being on my feet pushing a heavy vaccum and scrubbing a bathtub on my hands and knees.

Then reality set in.

When exactly will I have the time for this?

Don't get me wrong, Andrew is also a cleaner and in normal life does a lot of cleaning too.  Normal life would be months ago... before the endless to-do list that we concocted for him which still isn't fully satisfied.

The bottom line.  We will have two babies.  Two babies who will need constant caring, love and attention.  There is that saying that a clean house is a sign of a wasted life... well I completely disagree and need a clean house to function.

I am not talking a live in maid here.  I am talking a bi-weekly cleaning service to really give this place a thorough scrubbing.  So the search is on.

We need someone reliable with good references, who does not fear cats and who will use the eco-friendly products that we provide.

Do you have a cleaning lady or would you consider hiring one?

Oh and if you happen to reside in Ottawa and have a fabulous name to share I will be forever grateful!

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  1. ABSOLUTELY YES... best use of your money. I swear you'll never go back. The piece of mind is worth every penny!

  2. I think I am going to have one come twice a month from 32 weeks until the baby is 4 months.
    It is my 6 month gift to myself. I figure I can keep up with the basic stuff between her visits.

  3. YES! I love our cleaners! I would recommend finding one that sends a couple cleaners to your house at a time. I have four girls that come and they clean my house top to bottom in two hours. If it was only one cleaner then it would take her eight hours.

  4. if you find anyone - let me know!

  5. @Designwali - very true about the whole peace of mind thing... don't need to add anymore stress to the situation

    @kkasun - 6 months is a good plan, although I think once I get a taste it will be hard to go back!

    @Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K. - good point about the whole team thing. Do you have the same 4 people come every week or does it change?

    @kat langdon - I will definitely let you know!

  6. I live in a tiny NYC apartment and I've already hired a cleaning lady. She started last week. Although I enjoy cleaning myself, it's time to let go and I have to admit, I looooved coming home to a sparkling apartment! No place is too small for help, I've decided. :)

  7. We have had our house cleaned off and on but I already decided I'd have someone come at least once before the baby comes. I like the suggestions of doing it for several weeks before AND after!

  8. Sorry, we live in California, but yes, we have a cleaning lady, or rather three! When we first got married I was working full time as a high school teacher. I would come home from work exhausted and then have to spend my weekends deep cleaning the bathrooms, floors, etc., while my husband wanted to watch football! I hired one immediately and it has been a LIFE SAVOR! They come every other week, which is all we need right now, then I do the maintenence cleaning, sweeping, wiping down counters, etc. I highly recommend it for when the twins come, if not before! How are you cleaning now, while on bedrest?

    Sorry long comment :)

  9. We do have a house cleaner who comes every 2 weeks...she is AMAZING! I highly recommend getting one, at least for the first couple months the twins are home..I would have her start a couple weeks before they come so that you have time to explain what all you want cleaned and how, etc...TOTALLY worth the money though. It's wonderful coming home to a clean house and for you especially, it will be a HUGE time saver so you can focus on your precious babies! If you can afford it, I say GO FOR IT 100%!!!

  10. @My Infertile Confessions - well right now I am sort of cheating and doing some cleaning, like I will clean a bathroom one day and vacuum the main floor another day... no where near what I want to be doing and I likely shouldn't be doing any. If my husband didn't clean ever I would have hired one years ago too!

    @H - good idea to get someone to start before the babies arrive so we figure out how to work together now instead in the middle of chaos!

  11. We have a cleaning lady and she is the best thing ever! Frees up so much time. If you can do it, absolutely do!

  12. Ours comes every Monday (and has before we were even married)...she's here right now, bless her. I look forward to Monday so much, and knowing that I don't have to worry about picking up every little burp cloth and baby outfit makes me feel a little saner during the week.

    I'm glad to see that you finally secured'll love it.

  13. @Elizabeth - I love how your husband came with a cleaning lady... awesome!


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