thirty weeks pregnant

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant!  It feels so good to be out of the 20's and into the 30's.  These babies are going to come in the 30's.  I am in the home stretch.  I am thinking more and more about what life will be like when they arrive.  Andrew and I have both been reading multiple books on caring for newborn multiples and we're constantly throwing advice at one another in hopes that one of us will remember it when we're in the throws of juggling two babies.

I am feeling pretty good.  My only issues at present include boredom (seriously, I wake up thinking of a plan for what I am going to do until Andrew gets home... sad but true) and the ever increasing size of my tummy which seems to make everything else feel heavy.  Funny enough months ago I read on a blog that the mommy-to-be needed to be physically pulled out of bed at the end of her pregnancy.  My thoughts at the time were somewhere along the lines of seriously, what a cow, who is this person who let themselves get soo big and soo weak?  I am eating my words.  I can still propel myself out of bed and off the couch but it isn't without effort, effort that might actually leave me short of breath.  I think I am up more than 45 pounds... yikes!

The nursery is coming together so well.  I can't wait to share it with you.  The closet organizer went up this weekend and I did a ton of baby laundry.  Just a few more things to do and it will be ready.

Last week I broke the doctor's rules and went on a couple of outside of the house adventures.  That first forbidden car ride felt amazing.  Surely the happiness that I felt in leaving the house couldn't really be bad for me.  I needed to get everything for my hospital bag so I could stop obsessing about how I wasn't ready.  (My list was nearing 45 items long... overkill?  perhaps).  Now I have everything except a robe and it just needs to be packed.  I kind of feel like if I pack it, I will need it so I am holding out.

Clothes are becoming slightly more challenging in that I am growing out of the few maternity clothes that I have been wearing all the time.  I do have moments of panic about how big I've gotten but I am largely repeating to myself that this is temporary, the girls are getting nice and big and soon enough I can initiate the lose the baby weight plan.  Luckily I have a few dresses that will fit no matter how big my tummy chooses to get!

And now for the tummy...

This is the first maternity top that I bought... I'm pretty sure I am pushing its limits.

Here is a close up (and not a full side view) so I kind of think it actually makes me look smaller than I am.
The other things occupying my mind.... finalizing the decision to use a doula on the big day and then confirming one.

Happy Wednesday!

Just in case you missed it... here is the twin bump at 14 weeks, 16 weeks18 weeks22 weeks24 weeks and 28 weeks!


  1. Wow, look at that bump!!!!! You look so great!
    Since I love how prepared you are and that you think of everything . . . .would you care to post your hospital list?

  2. Aww, I think you look cute! WoW, 30 weeks, those babies will be here before you know it.

  3. You are adorable!!! You should post your hospital list if you have time, I would LOVE to see it too...
    Hard to believe you will be a mommy soon... :-)

  4. my back hurts just looking at your belly...

    Looking good, though!!! Congrats on #30!

  5. Woohoo for the 30s!! Not long to go now! Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts! And even though that bump is getting rather large it still looks really cute!

  6. Kksun and H - I will post a list very soon!

    MyVegas - Luckily I've kept ahead of the back pain with regular chiro and massage appointments!

    PhotoPuddle - honestly I am wishing away this peace and quiet as I am so tired of being at home alone all the time (ask me in a couple of months and I will likely swear I never said this!!)

  7. 45 pounds where??? Your all belly and look amazing! Congrats on making it to 30 weeks! That is huge! The countdown is REALLY on now :) Enjoy!

  8. look so freaking adorable, such a cute baby bump!!! You're lucky it appears all of your weight is baby, you look fabulous! Congratulations on reaching 30wks...I think the next several weeks are going to fly by for us, before we know it our babies will be here!

  9. look beautiful! And don't worry about the weight's so healthy for the twins and you'll lose it when it's time.

  10. You look amazing! All belly!! And for the record, that shirt still looks fabulous!!

    I felt the same way about 30 weeks...the 30's really feel like the home stretch!!!

    You are so much more organized than I am! Like a few others mentioned, I would love to see your hospital list too! Also, share your twins tips and tricks that you have been reading!!! I was so good about reading in the beginning and now I am too busy and kind of freaking out that I am not reading more!

    Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

  11. I'm really late commenting on this post, but I just wanted to say we used a doula and it was one of our best decisions ever. I had a few complications and my doula was there to explain things to me and hold my hand through it all (well, when my husband was sleeping anyway, lol). It was nice to have someone focused on me... my Dr was only around the last 1/2 hour and the nurses were in and out but the doula was a constant presence. She really helped to make the whole thing less stressful!

  12. Oh my gosh girl, you look fab. You wear pregnancy SO WELL! All belly and what a sweet belly it is!

  13. @Rambling Renovators - we are 99% confirmed with our doula. I am feeling much better knowing that we will have someone consistent with us through labour and hopefully delivery (they don't always let doula's into the OR and we have to deliver there because of the twins). Also, can't believe your husband slept!


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