my mom broke both of her feet... a week after the twins were born

I have wanted to share this for a while now but honestly couldn't bare to write it.  A week after Alice and Isla were born I called my parents house (as I do every day) and got my sister.  She told me not to panic but that Mommy (yes we still call our Mom Mommy) fell and broke one of her feet and oh the other foot too.  My immediate thoughts bordered on hysteria but I do remember thinking that I should send her a flat of milk (I mean who breaks both of her feet!!).  Unfortunately as far as breaks go she did a real number on herself.  One foot was not so major, the other was broken in two places and required pins and pins and pins and oh 8 to 12 weeks to recover.

I was devastated.

I was selfishly devastated for myself.  I mean I wanted my Mom here, with me, when Andrew went back to work, all. of. the. time.  I was also devastated for my Mom.  She wanted to be here too and now she could not only not be here but she also had to deal with being caged up in their house in a wheelchair for close to two months.

I was so emotional those first couple of weeks with the baby blues and then with this on top of it.  All I can say is poor, poor Andrew.

I can now write about this because the first boot came off a couple of weeks ago and the hard cast came off after that and suddenly Nan was here... yesterday... and everything felt right in my world once again.

Luckily, Andrew's Mom lives near by and was with us so so much those first few weeks (and still comes by often to help), otherwise I'm not sure what we would have done.  I am totally at home now by myself with the twins but those first few weeks there was a learning curve and it was great to have someone here with me through it.

My Mom is still sporting crutches but can now drive and get up and down the stairs.  We are so so happy to have her back.


  1. My mom leaves us tomorrow and I am devastated! Yay for mommies!

  2. Wow.. how on earth did she break both?! It's great that she's healing well and is able to spend time with your adorable twins now. :)

  3. OMG!! Your poor mom :-( I have broken my feet...alot (it is embarrassing how much of a klutz I am!). It is so not fun! I can only imagine your stress level as well. Glad she is feeling better and life is getting back to normal for you guys. Your girls are sooo cute! :-)

  4. Oh my gosh, how awful and what bad timing!! Glad she is healing well though!

  5. It was a nightmare, truly. My heart broke at having to tell you, Ash. It felt like the heavens were saying No No, don't get too happy! But after it all, I'm sure everyones stronger and more thankful for out health. And that photo makes my heart ache, I miss the little chickies so bad!

  6. Wow. How scary. I am thankful she is healing and able to get out and come visit y'all.

  7. I'm glad your mom is recovering and now gets to spend lots of time with her new grand-babies :)


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