winning a baby... or a chance at a baby

I don't love the radio... I mean I like the music but loathe the chit chat... especially the morning shows.  I mean really, it should be illegal to be that perky that early and this is coming from someone who likes mornings and does not require caffeine to do so.  We have a local radio station that often puts out big contests... you know the type of thing they advertise at least five times an hour.  Normally these contests involve some big obscure challenge and normally I don't pay any attention to them.

Well a few weeks back I started to hear about a win a baby contest.  My immediate reaction was that they should never call the contest win a baby.  I mean you can't win a baby.  If you have trouble conceiving a child you can't just magically get one.  Life would be so much easier if it worked that way.

This contest should have been called win a chance at a baby, or win medical help to conceive a child or win hope.  So I have an issue with the name... but I think it is great that they created this contest in the first place.  So many people are so blissfully unaware (I was one of such people) that so many of us go through infertility struggles and that these struggles can cost a lot of money and even then there is no guarantee that you will be granted your wish, to conceive a child (or two).  I have to admit that I really didn't follow along with all of the hype leading up to the winning announcement only because I usually change the radio station when someone starts talking (yes I am an advertiser's nightmare), however I was drawn to the winning replay online through facebook.

It made me cry.

Yes I can put on a great mask of indifference but when it comes to this topic, that is way to close to home, I get all emotional and wonder who is this person, crying about a radio contest winning announcement replay?

There were five finalists that you apparently could vote for online.  They all won.

I am cheering for these five couples, hoping this win actually does amount to a real live baby.  I am also silently cheering for the station, for putting this out there, making people realize that just relaxing does not always get you pregnant.

Want a good cry?  Take a listen... win a baby replay