chaotic recap... eleventh edition

Yes it's Monday... I know.  But Thursday night I was busy mulling over what went down during Vampire Diaries and what else needs to be bought for the playroom.

Last week was different.  It was crafty!  I can't even believe I just wrote that... crafty I mean.  But it was fun... good old back in art class fun... minus the awkwardness of high school... thank god.

Isla started chatting.  Her specialties include dadadadadada and yaya gogo.

We love it.

The girls are growing... as usual... nothing new there... but I just can't get over how long they are!

We discovered the fool proof way of eliciting crazy happy baby types of reactions...

it works... every single time...

her name is Red and she comes from Fraggle Rock... thank you Auntie Stephanie!

in case you missed it here is that thing we made with crayons this week featured over on Heather's blog Interior Groupie.  Heather is based in Toronto and she and her Husband have done a ton of great renos in their place.  Go check them out.

we did a lot of this... as usual...

Little One has been quite absent from the blog since the girls made their debut.  It's not that we're ignoring her... it's more that she's ignoring us... unless we are upstairs in our room which is now her permanent domain it seems.

The girls are now eating tons of different fruits and vegetables, they eat meat in the form of sweet potatoes + chicken mush and they tried yogurt yesterday for the very first time.

We have another crafty thing cooking up... clue... it involves a lot of cutting and then some gluing and finally some hanging.

My Mom has been following this diet.  She is dropping the pounds and I am benefiting from some of the recipes.  Specifically this easy lunch one.

Sweet potatoes done in the microwave (you pierce them one million times first so they don't explode) then nuke them for seven minutes.  Add some shredded cheese, chick peas (or black beans as the recipe actually calls for), salsa and greek yogurt (or non fat sour cream as the recipe calls for).

It's delicious.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my, she looks so big in the laundry basket! Can't wait to see what your next craft project is!

  2. How cute are they?
    That Fraggle Rock puppet looks like fun!

  3. Oh my god...the girls are getting SO BIG!!! I can't believe it, love the fraggle pictures. And that sweet potato looks delish and soooo easy. Will have to try that (PS glad someone else out there uses plain yogurt EVERY time a recipe calls for sour cream)


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