absence makes the heart grow fonder? and an admission

I kind of hate, wait scratch that (hate feels harsh)... don't love.... when I read a blog post about why a blogger hasn't been around... why? because that person is off living and I take it more as a treat when they do post not a failure when they don't.

so I won't write that kind of post.  and just hope you share my feelings and all...

and if you don't that's fine too.


I have to admit something.  Something that I am none too proud of.  Something that I would have judged endlessly if it had been someone else doing it.  The swing.  We've been taking advantage of it... for way too long.  I think when Alice's feet were way past dangling off the edge I finally admitted that something must be done.  You see, Isla has been sleeping 7pm to 7am (+ a dream feed at 10pm) for months now and Alice, well she has not.  So a good long while back we came up with a great idea to put Alice in the swing after she woke up for her middle of the night feed.  It worked.  Too well.

So Alice has been sleeping for several hours every night in that swing.  And well that worked so well that all of her naps have taken place in that swing for a good long while too.  She was napping for two hour stretches.  Why question it (was my rationale).

Well the guilt caught up with us and Monday was day one of break Alice (and well us) of the swing habit.
Today is day three.
I am exhausted.
but... progress... yes yes progress.
She is now napping in the co-sleeper (used as a full bassinet) for her naps and in the middle of the night when she does not want to go back to sleep in her crib she is going to sleep (with some help from us) in the bassinet as well.
short term pain, long term gain?  I know so.
It will all be worth it and for now I feel completely justified in frequenting Starbucks a little more regularly for some much needed late therapy.

so judge away (I would if i were you) but know that it feels damn good to admit this... suddenly I feel a bit more human again.


  1. no judging here :) moms judge each other way too often. thank you for writing :) I'm sure it'll be easier in no time.

  2. Here either, we do what we have to do to get by. If that means sleeping in the swing, sleep away. I'm sure all mom's can admit to doing something they never intended to do. My daughter was swaddled till 7 months which I'm sure some would gasp at. But ya know what, it worked for us. I hear it only takes a few days for babes to get the new routine, hoping that's the case for you guys!

  3. Ah the swing, we had a serious addiction in this house and if I didn't think Emily would jump out of it I would still put her in there if I could on these nights of teething! Good luck getting her to sleep!

  4. I thought the rule with twins was "whatever works"! Definitely no judgement!


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