chaotic recap... easter edition

The girls were a hit at easter... of course.  How could they not be... all fussed up in dresses and headbands.

Easter take one occurred at our place in the form of Saturday brunch.  I have to emphasize how great brunch is when you have babies. Dinner requires messing up their bedtime routine which would more or less shatter my sanity.  Dinner is out, brunch is in.

The grandpas were all about the babies... as usual...

We spent the afternoon with my Mom as we gave Andrew some quality man time... which sounds odd as I type it but it was just that... watching sports without babies and wife.

Sunday was Easter take two... brunch take two to be precise... but this time it was at Grandma and Grandpa G's house...

but first the girls opened their Easter gifts from the Easter Bunny (I met him once you know)....

Alice: tissue paper... my favourite!

Alice: what is this?

Alice: who cares what it is, it is striped... and I love it.

Isla: tissue paper, my favourite...

Isla: bunny, bunny, the bunny brought me the bunny... that I saw at the bookstore and melted over.
Isla: you are mine... bunny

Then off to Grandma's we went...

rocking the headbands of course

I have to admit... they were pretty awesome

Isla... always sizing up her surroundings... which I love

Grandpa G had her giggling pretty quickly though.

Alice enjoying her new fluffy friend with Grandma and Uncle Steve

chilling... with Uncle Steve

That afternoon was spent with Nan once again as it was man time take two.  We went for a nice long walk and then gave the girls a chance to just be alone playing together.

Alice: what was all of that brunching about anyways?

It was a great first Easter as a family of four.

Hope yours was great too!

Happy weekend!


  1. So pretty in their dresses and headbands. :)

  2. Ashley your girls are just beautiful! Their pics always make me smile!

  3. OMG! Those headbands are the cutest! Your girls are precious!

  4. They are so cute!! I love your recaps!

  5. I can't get over all the pictures -- SO gorgeous! xoxo

  6. Those headbands KILL me, so sweet!

  7. If we ever have a girl, I am definitely doing headbands. SO adorable!

  8. They are so precious and getting so big! Sweet girls!


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