a birthday

A couple of weeks ago we had a very important birthday, a first birthday in fact.

well two very important birthdays... just to be clear

and yes, they had cake... giant cupcakes in fact that took their poor Daddy a whole day to make.  In case you're planning on baking a giant cupcake or two don't bother trying to make it with a healthy baby cake recipe... it won't bake... like it will never bake all the way through.  Just buy the boxed mix, suck it up and face the fact that for one meal your child... or children will eat crap.

In some ways it felt like it took forever for them to be one.

In other ways it flew by way too fast.  You know when grown ups used to embarrass you by telling you how fast you grew up and you used to roll your eyes at them.... well I am that grown up and don't you dare roll your eyes at me... that shit is true.

we have one year olds now... one

yes... I spent more time decorating for this first birthday bash then likely any other previous birthday... what started out as... don't worry... I'll just make pinwheels... turned into... so there's this birthday package on etsy...  

but in all seriousness I loved how it turned out

and yeah... I made like 40 pinwheels before ordering that package... I mean... what else do I possibly need to do with my time....

The birthday morning was spent just the four of us

you bought your children a rug for their birthday... is what you are thinking.... so I will tell you this... this rug was love at first sight... at Ikea... how could I not buy it for them!

Everyone arrived just after their first nap (yeah... we don't deviate from the schedule... even on birthdays... schedule = sanity)

So I realized while going through these pictures that most of the party pictures are of Isla and I can explain... Isla is somewhat of a skeptic at the moment... a skeptic of humans and whether or not she should trust them... so she was always in someone's arms (only a select few arms to be precise).... Alice on the other hand... was on the move... constantly... so fast in fact that she successfully evaded the camera (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)... sneaky Alice

Post party and post second nap the girls had a chance to try out their new toys...

It really was a perfect day... 


  1. What a perfect day! I can't believe how big they are now!!

  2. What a great party, the girls look adorable. Which Etsy site did you order the party package from, I love everything you used!

    1. Thanks! It's from Love the Day! The package was awesome.

  3. How fun, it looks like everything turned out wonderful and the girls were beautiful! YOU looked beautiful too. Congrats on having made it through the first year, can you believe we have one year olds now???

  4. So beautiful!

    And I love their dresses and yours!!!!

    Happy birthday ladies!

  5. Love the decoration, love the pictures! So hard to believe that a whole year has passed...looks like you all had a very lovely time :)

    P.S. Where did you get your dress? Love it!

  6. Everything and I do mean everything Looks incredible! Love the party set, the photo buntings, and the girls!! Looks lIke they had a great time. And you look fabulous as usual! Happy belated to Alice and Isla

  7. Ahh Happy Birthday Alice and Isla! such a cute birthday package to help make a wonderful birthday!

  8. Happy birthday to your lovely little girls.

  9. This is EXACTLY what I want my girls' birthday to be like! Oh, it's so beautiful. And they are beautiful! And you are beautiful! Congratulations on making it a whole year with twins :D

    I wish my girls had a summer birthday. I'm feeling a little more inspired now, though, to try and throw an indoor party in November in our small house ;)

  10. What a beautiful party! Looks like the girls and your guests had a great time! I can't believe they are one! WOW!

  11. Ah! Those decorations are out of control! I'm going to hire you one day... Love your skirt (dress?) too. Can't wait to see you!

  12. Aw, congrats on having big one year olds! They're adorable, and what a beautiful day it looks like it was!


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