So long to the little

When the clock stuck midnight on January 1st an itch set in.

I needed to de-crapify this house.

If I invited you into my closet you would notice something. Despite my incessant shopping posts, I actually do not have a lot of clothes. I am a relentless purger. Before the girls were born one might have gone so far as to notice that I had not one sentimental bone in my body (well except for the wedding dress, she stays). Every other piece... If I had not worn it during that season of that year, bye bye.

So what happens to a religious purger lacking time? The desire, no the brews...until I cannot take it any longer.

Then I go on a rampage.

This is what happened last week. It started with Alice and Isla's closet and snowballed to almost every other room in this house.

Packing away their things was not as difficult as I had anticipated. Yes I did randomly hold up a piece of clothing and go...oh god they were so little, a few too many times but there were no tears. Had I tried to pack up any of their things a year ago, there would have been a flood of tears. Maybe it's because I am telling myself that it isn't over, that there is a chance there could one day be another baby. I know we will get our annual bill any day now. The one that keeps our one frozen embryo frozen. We will pay it and that is all I am willing to think about right now.

Of course purging leads to another kind of itch....the decorating kind...I am suppressing that one for now and trading it in for book writing, because the one resolution I have for this year is to get that novel written.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I need to get rid of stuff SO BADLY!! I don't know why I hold on to clothes for so long. I think it is partially because I feel bad about how little I wear some things. But in reality, I'll never wear it, so I should just get rid of it. Especially now that we need to get cracking on the nursery. SO MUCH purging needs to be done.

    1. Don't feel bad, just remember the next time you buy something, only buy it if you actually love it!

  2. I wish I could get rid of my clothes like that! I have a serious shopping problem, but even worse, a serious 'can't throw anything out' problem! I actually probably have stuff in my closet with tags that have been there for years! The worst part is I end up wearing the same few pieces ALL the time! It's a good thing that Ben and Mia grow out of clothes so I have a reason to get rid of them. Although... with Mia's summer dresses I actually wondered the other day if I could keep them and she could wear them as tops next summer :). We went to Jamaica for Christmas so I felt like I got bonus wear out of their summer stuff that I was so sad they'd never wear again!

    1. Repeat after me.. The next time I buy something, I will donate something....

      And I am super jealous of Jamaica

    2. Chloe wears lots of her dresses as tops the next year, and they are really cute. Just sayin...:)

  3. Oh man I need to do this so bad!! We have GOT to clean out our finished basement and turn it into a playroom before I go mad with all the toys in our living room! I had a hard time packing up Chloe's first wardrobe, all the little clothes, but now it's easier. I think it will be hard to actually "get rid" of all the little girl stuff now that we know we are having a boy and she is our one and only. Good for you! I need to learn from you. :)

  4. I purge Avery s closet once a month. Excess drives me ceazy!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck on the novel!


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