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This just happened...

well last night

but it is big news around here

and I attribute it all to a trick another mom shared with me

you want your child to walk...

stop holding their hand

hold the back of their shirt instead

so I held the back of her shirt yesterday and she walked and walked and walked

and then I took her shirt off and off she went... all by herself

yes it took her close to 18 months but that is not what matters

she is walking!


That's a long clip, yes I know but if you keep watching you will get to hear my ridiculous mommy voice.


  1. Yay!!!! Good job! Wow cares when it happens, that girl is one heck of a walker!!!!!!!!!

  2. Look at all those steps she's taking for just starting out!! Way to go!!

  3. Yay!! Go Isla!!! She looks like a pro already! What a great tip on getting babies to walk.
    Ps. answered your questions over on my blog :)

  4. yay Isla! This totally reminds me of when I coached gym and would hold kids around their waist on the beam instead of their hands - easier to let go and they still think they're safe. Good trick!

  5. That's quite the trip for a brand new walker. She definitely was just being stubborn and holding out on you guys! I'm glad the trick with the shirt worked. :)

  6. I wish my daughter were awake right now so I could try this! Every time she walks, she reaches around for both hands. Thanks for sharing!


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