One Room Challenge Week 5: Painting and Sourcing Final Accessories

I took a while to get this weeks post up because although a ton of work has been happening, we're just entering the pretty phase of the project. Seeing this demo photo of our daughter Alice reminds me of how far we have come.

Andrew is currently laying a membrane over the old subfloor (after ripping the new subfloor up). One thing we've learned over the course of these 5 weeks is that renovating a bathroom with three young children and full time work during the day is a tough deal. Since Andrew is our contractor we can't just have the bathroom done during the week days. All of his work happens during the evenings and on weekends and it's been a challenge for all of us. I can say that he may have uttered the words I'm going to die in this bathroom once or twice when I jokingly mentioned I was looking at local real estate (only because I am always curious which homes are for sale, not because I actually want to leave this house ever).

I will also say that he is doing the best job. It seriously looks amazing so far and I am not surprised at all. He's no "DIY special," but instead takes the time to research the hell out of everything and execute with precision.

On to this week's updates. 

  • First, he completed all of the plumbing for our two wall mounted faucets and our hand held shower and tub fixtures. 
  • Next he closed up all of the walls with drywall and then mudded and sanded on repeat until the walls were a flat perfection. 
  • This weekend he primed and painted the walls and ceiling and it is already looking so much brighter in there. 
  • He also picked out a beautiful piece of wood that he handed off to my Brother-in-law to make into our floating shelves. I am so grateful to Steve for helping us out on this project.

Plumbing completed for our Delta Handheld Shower Fixture


We decided to carry our main wall colour into our bathroom since our home isn't large and it's mostly all on one level. I love this white paint as it's a true white but also has a softness to it. It's Farrow and Ball Wevet.

Wall sconce electrical and wall mounted faucet plumbing complete

On Tuesday we will get a little help with our terrazzo floor tile installation as we didn't want to risk any errors on such a large scale (24" x 24" tile). Tomorrow our Tahoe Impression line doors will arrive from Semihandmade and later this week I will pick up a bunch of natural care products from our local favourite Terra20.

Another sneak peek of our terrazzo floors!

I love picking out all of the finishing details for a project (but often enjoy a slightly more forgiving timeline to stew over every knob, hook and towel). This week I finally made decisions regarding important choices like toilet paper roll holders, towel bars, decorative containers and baskets.

It's definitely a sprint to the finish over here and I can't wait to share it with you. Make sure to check out the other One Room Challenge guest participants over here for so much design inspiration! Also follow along on my Instagram Stories as I post live updates this week!


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