Week 1 of the One Room Challenge - Two Bedrooms / 8 Weeks

shared girls bedroom with turquoise wallpaper

I feel like week one of the One Room Challenge is like flexing a muscle I haven't used in a year (literally). While my design business has seen growth I never would have imagined this past year, we haven't tackled a project in our own home since our entryway last spring

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The One Room Challenge is hosted by Linda and Better Homes and Gardens is the media sponsor. It happens twice a year and I love participating because it forces me to completely finish a space right down to the styling details. I also love connecting with the interior design community.

So here's the story...

Our almost 10 year old twins need their own rooms. I am equal parts excited and shattered at the prospect of them finally separating (they even shared a crib for a long time). And while I know they can easily opt to have sleepovers in each room (we're losing the twin beds and the DIY arch headboards - insert crying) and they're getting pretty much new everything. If you've followed me on Instagram for a while (or this blog) you will know that we actually did they shared bedroom for the One Room Challenge a couple of years ago (it's the room pictured above). While that room was lovely it really was all about compromise. Two girls, two different sets of taste (plus one mother subtly trying to lead them down a certain path) - it didn't really show off their individuality. This time around will be different.

twin nursery and twin bedroom

Previous versions of their shared bedroom. Their bedroom from age 3 - 7 in this house and their nursery from our last home.

The background

We live in a three bedroom 80's built raised bungalow with two bedrooms downstairs. The bedrooms were rough when moved in. One had old carpeting, the other had paneling. They both had drop ceilings. I really wanted them to feel like part of our nice home so they're getting totally made over from the drywall up.

Here are the design plans for our twin daughters new bedrooms:

First up is Alice's room. Alice likes light spaces without busy details and is all about comfy textures.

Girls bedroom design plan with a canopy bed, area rug, cream and blue

Right now we're still flip flopping between paint and wallpaper, which bedside table (chime in below), new desk or painted vintage desk and specific artwork and accessories. But she's totally sold on the bed, the rug, the lamps and I am too.

Next up is Isla. Isla has a vision for her room to include lots of storage (the actual closet in this room is one of our entrances into our storage room and currently houses our halloween costumes and winter coats). So the immediate plan is to add in wardrobes to her bedroom.

Girls bedroom with floral rug, turquoise light, pink walls.
Similar to Alice, Isla is sure on the rug and lights and storage but not totally sure on whether to have a make up vanity or larger desk, and wallpaper or paint.

Now for the nitty gritty - the befores. I apologize in advance for my lack of proper before photos.. we just kind of dove into this project and started tearing things apart.

Alice's Future Room Before:

basement bedroom

This room has mostly housed toys and crafts the last seven years. Now the paneling is down, the floors are ripped up and the drop ceiling is no more!

Isla's Future Room Before:

This is Isla's future room at its worst. It's served as Andrew's office and has also accumulated discarded furniture over the past year. We haven't really touched this space yet other than to relocate Andrew to the living space in the basement. I can't wait to tear out the musty carpeting and drop down ceiling yay! 

The Plan:

The plan breakdown:
  1. Rip out the floors, paneling and ceilings
  2. Drywall
  3. Prime and Paint / Wallpaper
  4. Replace lighting
  5. Add furniture, textiles, art and accessories 
  6. Do it all again in the second bedroom

What's next? Follow along to see all of the projects shared by the featured designers and guest participants

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  1. Love the design plans for both spaces! You can definitely see their individual personalities coming through. Can't wait to follow along!

  2. I love the plans for the girls rooms! Also, I just need to comment that I cannot believe they are going to be 10 years old. I started following you when you were pregnant and I was going through infertility treatments myself. Time FLIES.

  3. I love them both and see how different their styles are!

  4. The designs for the girls' bedroom are gorgeous! I just had to add that I find it hard to comprehend they will be 10 years old. When you became pregnant and I was undergoing infertility treatments, I started following you. I offer to Buy Phd Dissertation Online service to the students at a cheap rate.

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