what makes me blush

I don't think I embarrass easily.let's take nudity... now maybe I should blame being a mother... because I can tell you when I was younger and I was in a change room and someone was naked... that blush... it crept into my cheeks. Post Alice and Isla, post countless ultrasounds (not the nic…

these faces

the camera has been resurrected

it was a costly fix

but a worthwhile one

I have been mulling over this post for days or maybe weeks and when it got down to it, I couldn't do it. I will post what I have been thinking anyways

just not here. with these two gorgeous faces

they deserve their own po…

unconventional valentines

in need of a valentine?

Clairsonic, Eminence + Argan Oil... current skin care attempt

Oh acne, how I loathe thee. Big life changes for me tend to lead to big skin changes.

The latest and not so greatest big life change... the end of the boob, or breastfeeding to be specific. I stopped back in December and part of me knew this was coming. I mean it always happens and my skin was way …

Hopeless: I think this book might have just changed my life

I was up until one thirty am Sunday morning, Saturday it was midnight, I have not slept all week.

This book was so much more than I expected. I don't know where to begin.

So I will just be honest. When I read the synopsis I thought it would likely be quick and entertaining. I did not expect to …


I have been busy, really busy, the I need a bottle of wine type busy and I have been sick which I loathe. So tonight, we are going out to dinner. It is time to feel like a fully functional human again.Isla and Alice have been busy growing. Alice is sooo tall and they both seem so grown up... I am …