NaNoWriMo 4000 Words Left + 20 More Things

I have less than 4000 words left until I hit 50 000.

1- holy shit, I am going to do this
2- of course I am. I would be so so so mad at myself if I didn't finish. I'm just like that. Slightly anal + too much of a perfectionist
3- I don't even need the @nanosprints anymore (but I still lo…

Chaotic Recap... Twenty First Edition

Is it Friday? Yes, good, thank god. It has been a bit of a long one over here but the weekend will make up for it, I am sure.

Last night was the first time EVER that I did not put the girls to bed. Daddy did it solo while my Mom and I headed out for a desperate dress shopping night (that dress I to…

Guest Post | Holiday Party High Low (Kelli from Kelli Flores)

I am so excited to have Kelli here today from Kelli Flores. When I first stumbled on Kelli's blog I was immediately drawn to her sense of style. She blogs about clothes I wish I could buy as well as interior updates, and food. Her posts are eye candy. Check them out here.

Hello Calml…

Chaotic Recap... Twentieth Edition

Hello there, I hope you've had a fabulous week. I've been in a bubble of typing, tea, typing, starbucks. I am past the halfway mark sitting at 27,548 words, which is still ahead, but I found this week to be trying since I am still grappling with a major plot decision.

enough about that. her…

23911 words, but they're all mine

Thursday marks the halfway point of NaNoWriMo. I will be more than halfway towards the 50 000 word goal.

I'm still ahead word wise but I keep reading about this week 2 slump and I am feeling it over here.

I have some major plot decision making to do and I can't quite make a decision.

So I k…

NaNoWriMo, 20 Things So Far

Today is day 9 of NaNoWriMo. As of this morning I've typed 15059 words. I am ahead.

1- I love it.
2- I don't remember when I last felt this good.
3- I didn't outline.
4- I had a rough idea, stemming from a feeling and I went with it.
5- I still have major holes that I will need to figure ou…

What Isla Wore | Peplum

Because someone in this house needs to stay on trend...

Have I mentioned how hard it is to capture photos of mobile 15 month olds? It's hard.

I'm still on the fence with peplum but I do like this top and this dress.

Do you have any peplum?

Happy Thursday! (or as I like to call it the day I …

The Bachelor Canada... week 5 recap... a week late

I hope you're having a wonderful week. This is a week late... and in point form... (but I am passed the 11000 word mark for NaNoWriMo... so please forgive me)

It's hometown week

-they both like mint chocolate chip ice cream
-he's the second guy to ever meet her parents. 

Guest Post | Holiday Party High Low (Heather from Interior Groupie)

I'm thrilled to have Heather here today from from Interior Groupie sharing with us two fabulous options for holiday party season! Heather and I found ourselves in side by side giant corner offices right out of university, where we learned important life skills like how to survive working in a b…

7783 words + a very happy weekend

1 - more dinners from chef Andrew
2 - one of two furry writing buddies
3 - i like my coffee from McDonalds... that's right red cup... you have a rival over here!
4&5 - 2 daughters with colds, chowing down
5 - a lucky candle burns as I type
6&7 - it's freezing out but we rock our ra…

1681 words + one awesome husband

Day 1 of nano is officially done for me.

So far I'm at 1681 words (the daily goal being 1667).

So I'm feeling good.

+ Andrew brought this downstairs to me around 7pm... or what I like to refer to as (541 words)...

it was just what I needed... BLT + Salad + Halloween Candy because we only h…

day 1 of nano

Today is the day we all start writing.  I won't be typing until the girls are in bed tonight.  I think I need a solid block of time to really dig in.
Here's where I'll be typing...

I haven't sat at a desk in almost two years... so I might be dragging my laptop off to a coffee shop …