Bachelor, week three

I wonder how early they have to be up, i'm thinking like 8, any guesses?

Leslie m gets the first one on one

I like her so I'm actually wanting to watch this part. I like her dress... wait scratch that... I like the front. The back seem to be lacking for what they are actually doing. sean…

Breaking News

This just happened...

well last night

but it is big news around here

and I attribute it all to a trick another mom shared with me

you want your child to walk...

stop holding their hand

hold the back of their shirt instead

so I held the back of her shirt yesterday and she walked and walked and walke…


This is Stephanie.

You might remember her.

If not, I will offer you this: she is my sister

How old do you think she is? Take a guess...

okay she is four years younger than me... yes four.

and why am I sharing all of this with you? Because I think she is fabulous. Yes she has a significant dose of…

Bachelor, week two

After last night's episode I had a thought: I don't think I like this show anymore. Now we all know it's crap but i still like to watch, or at least I did. Last night I felt like I didn't care.

Dear Sean,

make me care again.


Here's what went down:

Chris Harrison opens wi…

Chaotic Recap... Twenty Second Edition

Yesterday I wanted to launch my laptop through a window... so today I am attempting the recap from my ipad, blogsy... don't fail me now.

Since my camera is once again damaged I am not going to flood you with a ton of good pictures, instead you get to see a few less than good pictures...

The Todd…

So long to the little

When the clock stuck midnight on January 1st an itch set in.

I needed to de-crapify this house.

If I invited you into my closet you would notice something. Despite my incessant shopping posts, I actually do not have a lot of clothes. I am a relentless purger. Before the girls were born one might …

Bachelor, week one

With Sean as the bachelor I am unsure as to what to expect. I am thinking there should be less drama but I suppose that is largely a product of the woman on there.

so here's what went down during week one:

Arie comes to visit. Isn't he sleeping with Coutney (Ben's ex)? Google tells me ye…

10 Things

One. I haven't blogged since the day I turned thirty. Purely a coincidence, I did not have a mid/third life crisis.

Two. Christmas was a blur of excitement, a multitude of unwrapping, a million get togethers and one blowup.

Three. Alice and Isla say things, like actual words, I'm impressed …